Date Night Essentials for Men

So you’ve got a date night coming up – nice one! Odds are you’ll get by just fine with your natural charm and confidence (Bulldog lads are a charismatic bunch after all), but if a few pointers wouldn’t go amiss, read on.


Whether you’ve matched online, met in person, or been set up by your mum’s well-meaning friend, showing your date that you practice self-care is indisputably pretty attractive, so it helps to have a solid checklist locked and loaded for your next meet-up.

From perfecting your grooming and skincare routines to selecting the right fragrance and outfit, we’ve curated a checklist of essentials to help you exude your best self (and secure that second date).

Step 1: Boost your confidence with better skin

If you ask us, higher self-esteem starts with proper skincare, and word on the street is that 50% of Millennial and Gen Z men only get into skincare when they have a first date in the diary.

Unfortunately for us though, healthy skin doesn’t just happen overnight – meaning if you’re only kicking off a routine 24hours before your date, odds are you’re not going to see the results you want in time.

For the most swoon-worthy results, consistency is key, so if you’re just diving into skincare for the first time here’s the basics to get you started:

Face Wash

Finding a cleanser that’s designed for your skin type – whether that’s sensitive, normal, or oily – is crucial. Washing away the bacteria, dirt, and impurities that build up on your face throughout the day not only helps unclog pores and prevent breakouts, but also gives you a better-looking complexion overall too.

Face Scrub

Face scrubs work in a similar way to cleansers, but are chemically more powerful (meaning you should only be using them 1 – 2 times per week at most).

With a mix of physical and chemical exfoliating ingredients, scrubs help remove dead skin cells and keep your face smooth throughout the week, so when date night rolls around you’re ready to go. Check out our favourites here.


Whether you’re new to skincare or not, you’ve probably heard that a hydrating daily moisturiser is a self-care must-have.

The benefits of a good moisturiser aren’t limited to combatting dryness either - continuous hydration also helps prevent the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, and can even help regulate oil production if your skin’s on the bit-too-shiny side!

Step 2: Get your grooming on

Believe it or not, grooming isn’t just about shaving, especially if you’re pulling out all the stops for a five-star date!  Beard, hair, and body care play equally important roles when it comes to looking and feeling your best.

From keeping your beard well-trimmed and neatly styled to maintaining healthy hair, a comprehensive grooming routine is key to showing confidence and leaving a lasting impression.


Razor burn might not be a biggie when you’re just chilling at home, but if you’re meeting a new link out in the wild, nicks and rashes are the last thing you want to be dealing with. Invest in shaving solutions that set you up for success instead, like a high-quality razor and shaving gel.

If you’re shopping around, look out for razors that are both effective and easy on your skin, like our Bulldog Bamboo or Glass Razors complete with tempered steel blades and aloe lubricating strip.  

When it comes to shave gel, gently does it - opt for a tube full of soothing ingredients and a natural scent you don’t mind catching a whiff of over dinner.



Maybe you’re the type of guy who prefers a low-maintenance approach to grooming, and if short hair is your thing, that’s totally cool. For those of us with longer locks though, using the right styling products can make all the difference.

If you’re after a naturally-textured look, styling clay is a quick and easy way to achieve the perfect tousle. If sleek and polished is more your vibe, grab a styling pomade for a strong, glossy hold that lasts all night.

Step 3: Find your date night fragrance

Scent can be incredibly attractive, but it’s crucial to strike the right balance. Drowning yourself in cologne or layering multiple fragrances isn’t really the look, especially since you never know how your date will react to a strong scent. Our rule of thumb is if you’re leaning towards a strong cologne, pair it with an understated or scent-free deodorant to make sure nothing clashes.

 It’s also worth remembering that technically every product you use contributes to your overall scent – hair products, skin products, cologne, all of it! For that reason,  it’s worth figuring out what kind of fragrance notes work for you and seeking them out wherever you can. Love feeling minty and fresh? Grab something like Bulldog Original Shower Gel . Prefer a bit of zing? Bulldog Lemon & Bergamot Shower Gel has you covered.

Remember, less is often more when it comes to fragrance, so don’t use it just for the sake of it. Try to choose scents that enhance and fit your vibe, and layer them intentionally if you can.


Step 4: Suss your outfit out

Let’s be real – developing your own personal style and building epic outfits is an art that warrants its own article, but here’s a few fool-proof first date ‘fit tips to help you get started:

  1. Do wear something comfortable that feels like ‘you’ (because nobody wants to worry about their trendy new jeans pinching all evening).
  2. Don’t chuck on sportswear unless you’re meeting your date at the gym.
  3. Do go keep it simple – long-sleeved polo shirts, open collar sweaters, and timeless white button-downs are classics for a reason! For shoes, loafers, Chelsea boots, or even white trainers can be a classy, comfy bet – just remember to clean them properly before leaving the house.
  4. Do bring a jacket or flannel with you, even if you don’t think you’ll get cold… because your date might! 👀

Step 5: Be yourself, and enjoy!

If you’re looking and feeling great, you’ll be more than ready to take the plunge and make your date night the best it can be. Just focus on being yourself, letting them know what you’re all about, and having fun – with the right pre-date prep, the rest will have already taken care of itself.