Why Beard Shampoo Really Works

Is beard shampoo really worth the hype?

To many blokes, beard shampoo might seem like an unnecessary purchase. After all, you can just use soap or normal hair shampoo on your beard, right? Wrong!

Using products that aren’t specifically designed for face-fuzz can leave yours dry and bristly with skin irritation brewing beneath the surface – not ideal. Read on to find out why incorporating a solid beard shampoo into your routine is a non-negotiable for beard growers everywhere.

 How is beard hair different to the hair on your head?

 Since the hair and the skin on your face is very different from what grows on your scalp, good beard care means requires good beard products to match.

Bearded man close up

The hair on your head is called ‘androgenic hair’ and is directly influenced by male hormones (which is also why women don’t tend to have beards – fun fact!) This biological difference makes the hair on your face thicker and coarser than the hair on your head, so it doesn’t make sense to treat both hair types exactly the same way.

Shampoo designed for head hair can leave behind a waxy feeling if you resort to using it on your beard, whereas facial hair-centric products like Bulldog Beard Shampoo and Conditioner are designed specifically for beard hair, working to keep it clean without stripping away important natural oils.

Okay, but what does beard shampoo actually do?

Basically, your beard needs as much moisture as possible to stay looking full and healthy. Since regular shampoo strips away natural oils, this could lead to dryness and breakage (or at the very least a frizzy, unkempt look.)

Smiling bearded man

Beard shampoo and conditioner work to keep and replenish healthy facial hair oils while cleaning off odours and other muck that builds up throughout the day.

The best part is that beard shampoo can work its magic even if you don’t use it daily. Every beard is different, so feel free to adapt your beard washing timetable to your lifestyle – a decent beard shampoo will work wonders either way.

What happens if I don’t wash my beard at all?

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The short answer is ‘nothing good’ unfortunately! There are a couple of things that can crop up if you don’t give your beard the necessary once-over with a proper shampoo once every so often:

  • Beardruff

 Affectionately named ‘beardruff’, dandruff in your beard can be caused by not giving your facial hair or the skin beneath it the hydration it needs.

 By keeping your beard moisturised and healthy with the right shampoo, you’ll stop the dreaded white flakes before they even start.

  • Beard odour

Unwashed hair of any kind absorbs smells from from the air around you, and beard hair is no different.

City-dwellers might notice the smell of pollutants or smog building up under their noses, whereas restaurant or bar workers often end up taking home the day’s specials in scent-form. Either way, a solid grooming routine and a good beard shampoo goes a long way.

How else can I help my beard?

Growing and maintaining a great-looking beard requires equally great beard care products. Topping up your freshly-washed beard with hydrating oils and balms helps lock in moisture and build the good kind of shine.

Our Bulldog Original Beard Balm and Original Beard Oil both contain Aloe Vera, Green Tea, and Camelina Oil for fast-absorbing moisture that conditions the hair and hydrates the skin, minimising itching and maximising awesomeness. Did we mention that they’re custom-built for men too? Ideal.