Travel Grooming And Skincare Essentials: A Guide For Men

Off on holiday? Nice one mate – doesn’t mean your personal grooming routine should follow suit though. Read on to learn how to keep your face looking fresh from the departure gate to the Airbnb and back again.

Everyone loves anticipating a trip - the excitement of planning itineraries, exploring new sights, and savouring delicious cuisine is unbeatable, and we’re all about it. Packing for a trip, however, is often a totally different (and more chaotic) story.

While it might be the last thing on your list, taking some time to lock in the essentials can save you from last-minute madness. A thoughtful checklist and a few top-notch products helps you avoid hectic bathroom scrambling while your airport taxi waits outside, and will keep you looking sharp too.

So… is travel skincare different to at-home skincare?

In short, yep! Whether you’re road-tripping through the outback or going international, travelling exposes you and your skin to a huge array of different environments.

Different outdoor climates, air travel, environmental pollution, UV exposure, new foods, and even airport stress are all things that can impact your skin’s overall health while you’re off exploring. Add a disrupted routine into the mix, and you’ve got a one-way ticket to dryness, breakouts, and sensitivity.

Luckily though, a solid skincare and grooming line-up helps stave off the worst of it. Here’s what to pack in the ol’ toiletries bag next time you’re going AWOL.

1. Facial Cleanser (because jet-setting is grimy business)

Not a fan of complimentary hotel toiletries? We don’t blame you – level-up your holiday hygiene and treat yourself to a decent facial cleanser instead.

Bulldog Original Face Wash is designed to purify and revitalise the skin through a powerful blend of natural ingredients and cutting-edge science – the perfect antidote to all that sightseeing sweat!

2. SPF (because rocking a Bali-ready tan isn’t worth the peeling)

Our Australian sun is known for being particularly brutal, but that doesn’t mean you can skip the sunscreen if you’re heading to somewhere a little more mild.

Invest in a few travel-sized tubes of SPF before you set off, and be sure to double-check that it’s both broad-spectrum and SPF 50+ or higher. See ya sunburn.

3. Razors & Shaving Tools (because looking scruffy in holiday pics isn’t the vibe)

Look, we don’t know what the razor and shaving situation is where you’re going, but we do know you’re probably wanting to look put-together at least a couple of times whiles on tour, so why risk it?

 Pack a high-quality reusable razor like Bulldog Bamboo Razor or Bulldog Sensitive Razor and consider stocking up on Bulldog Original Shave Gel for good measure too. Your future self(ies) will thank you for it.

4. Moisturiser (because travel takes a toll on your skin)

Between hot sun, chilly breezes, and moisture-sucking plane air-con, it’s pretty hard to have an adventure without your skin suffering a bit of dehydration along the way.

Lucky for you our Original Moisturiser isn’t just built for men who chill at home, it’s built for men who travel too, ensuring long-lasting hydration throughout the day without any unpleasant greasy or sticky residue. Sweet!

5. Lip Balm (because travel takes a toll on your lips too, come to think of it)

While we’re on the subject of dryness, how about some hydrating lip balm for the road?

Where harsh weather conditions and dry air can wreak havoc on holiday, a high-quality balm helps create a barrier between your lips and the elements, locking in moisture and preventing cracking.

Don’t knock it ‘til you’ve tried it, lads.


6. Beard Care (because if you’re keeping it, you may as well keep it nice)

Now for the question on every bearded bloke’s mind - what if you want to KEEP the facial hair on holiday? Good news, you absolutely can… as long as you pack a few essentials to give it some travel-sized TLC.

Our Bulldog Original Beard Balm and Beard Oil fit neatly in carry-on luggage, and Bulldog Beard Shampoo and Conditioner is an epic 2-in-1 that lathers up for a gentle clean whenever you need it.


Bon voyage!

By now your suitcase is probably sensibly stacked with self-care essentials and ready to go, so we won’t keep you long. If you’re keen to see more skin and facial hair awesomeness though, feel free to check them out here on your way out the door.

Happy holidaying. 🐾